Meet Our Staff

At Edgewood Baptist Church, our ministries are the heartbeat of our community, each dedicated to serving our church, our congregation, and Jesus Christ. Every ministry is overseen by a dedicated Chair, who leads with a servant’s heart, guiding their team to fulfill our mission of faith, love, and service.

Our Chairs are committed to fostering a welcoming and nurturing environment, ensuring that every program and activity aligns with our core values and the teachings of Jesus. They work closely with volunteers and members, providing direction and support to ensure that each ministry thrives and makes a meaningful impact.

These leaders are not only responsible for organizing and inspiring their teams but also for exemplifying the spirit of service to our congregation and our Lord. Through their dedication and leadership, our ministries at Edgewood Baptist Church continue to grow, enriching the lives of all those we touch.

  • Baptist Men’s Team – Chair

  • Building & Grounds Team – Chait

  • Children’s Team – 

  • Finance Team – Matt Spell

  • Flower Team – 

  • Greeting Team – Chair

  • Helping Hands Team  – 

  • Hospitality Team – Chair

  • Media Team – 

  • Nomination Team –  Cheryl Reuther

  • Ordinance Team – 

  • Personnel Team –  Matt Spell

  • Prayer Team – 

  • Publicity Team –