Our missions ministry is based upon the Great Commandment found in Matthew 22:37-39: To passionately love God, and then to tangibly express His love to all people in all places. Our passion for reaching the lost, whether here in Durham or to the uttermost part of the world, is driven by a love for and worship of God.

We believe that the most effective way to impact the world is to follow the biblical pattern given to us in Acts 1:8. We believe that our Jerusalem includes  greater Durham and the Triangle area. Our Judea is the state of North Carolina and our Samaria consists of the rest of North America. The ends of the earth is everywhere else outside of North America.

The challenge that our Lord has laid before us is great. It truly is Kingdom Work. We are so blessed to be “joining God where He is at work” all around our world. Come join with us as we share the Good News of the Gospel, beginning right here in Durham and stretching all the way to the farthest reaches across the globe.

Disaster Relief

Baptist Men

Servant Evangelism